Wanted criminal resurfaces, whines about so-called “false DMCA takedown”

Updated: The original forum thread was deleted not long after I posted in there, but you can still see an archive of it here. I created a forum thread exposing this wanted cyber-terrorist to Vimeo here.

After successfully taking down a video that was uploaded with the misleading title of “Extremist Muslims call for tattooing of Non-Muslims in Malaysia” and without my permission on Vimeo, the wanted criminal by PDRM who goes by the anonymous handle of “shadowfox” has resurfaced. Now he is telling Vimeo all kinds of ridiculous stories about yours truly, when it is he who was responsible for twisting the contents of the said video by purposely making it to appear as though it is about the tattooing of non-Muslims.

The following is my reproduced reply to Vimeo in the said forum thread.

Dear Vimeo,

This anonymous troll, “shadowfox” is a wanted criminal (see attached police report). He has been re-uploading the aforesaid video and is obviously lying about the ownership of the said video, since the video is basically an interview conducted with me in it, located in the living room of my house, and was recorded using a device that was owned by me. Therefore, I have the right to file a DMCA request and claim full and sole ownership of the video in question.

This user is also lying about the contents of the video interview, since nowhere it was mentioned that I want non-Muslims in Malaysia to be tattooed, whether it is on their forehead or on their chests. The user “shadowfox” is not only a liar, but is also a sociopath and a narcissist. I have done nothing of the things he has accused me of doing.

I also affirm that as a citizen of the United States of America, any digital content produced by me should therefore be under the jurisdiction of the United States.

Links: ibnjuferi.com/wp-content/uploads/police-report-shadowfox.jpg, ibnjuferi.com/wp-content/uploads/inner-american-passport-1993.jpg

If my response in the said forum thread gets deleted, I will repost the above reply again and again until the Vimeo staff acknowledges it.

Problogger and Muslim internet activist.

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