I am not unemployed

Some people are accusing me of being an “unemployed” individual who spends his time 24/7 on the internet wandering aimlessly and do nothing. They got only that half-right. It is true that I do spend my time 24/7 on the internet, but I certainly don’t do it because I am “unemployed”. Rather, it is because the nature of my job demands of me to do so.

Here is the nature of my job: I work as a freelance internet marketer and pro-blogger, doing search engine optimization (SEO) work for clients as well as for myself. I monetise blogs and websites according to their specific niches and earn money by adding Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements. I also run a number of web directories which are highly-optimised for SEO and I get paid by SEO companies and webmasters who want to take advantage of this.

Here is a screenshot of my sales report for February 2012 (in USD):

This is my company website which outlines what I do for a living. So are you happy now, you dimwits? So much for your lying through your teeth and spreading your false accusations about me being “unemployed”, eh? I probably earn more in a day than you do in a month!


Mona Fandey Jadian Terencat Akal Macam Burung Kakaktua Masih Tak Sedar Diri March 28, 2012 Reply

So sad, that’s in Ringgit Meleis right? I earn SGD $3,500 on a bad month and SGD $7,000 on a good month working in a fast paced office environment meeting new people and earning money the Halal way. Please go get a real job instead of doing your pay per click nonsense. You are a failed porn mogul. Rest assured I have the necessary information to do my own little Pendedahan on you. It all comes full circle now, eh! Allah Maha Besar. 🙂

menj March 29, 2012 Reply

So not only are you a burung kakaktua the daughter of a whore who sold her pussy in Geylang, you are also as blind as a bat. Can’t you see that the sum is quoted in US Dollars? I wonder what the keling N. Madasamy must have seen in you, you sure are a stupid dumb little bitch!

Sam Jonson June 26, 2012 Reply

WOW that’s some cool amount

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