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When Indons go ape and try to DDOS your blog….


On Friday night and nearly the whole day of Saturday (until I managed to figure out and counter the problem), my Bahasa Melayu blog at Pendapat Kritis was experiencing server timeout issues and frequent down-time. I alerted my web host to the problem and they investigated. As it turns out, it was a massive DDOS attack (using amateur tools like LOIC and other software) from a bunch of disgruntled Indons who actually dedicated a Facebook group in my honour.

So once I enabled the WordFence security plugin, I was able to contain the problem. However, this only lasted for several hours before the server again experienced severe outages again. A further check of the group revealed that there were hundreds of Indons gunning for my blog, LMAO. There was no way that WordFence….a good plugin though it is…could handle such a massive load from hundreds of angry Indons pulling their computer resources together to run a DDOS tool. Hence the only sensible thing to do was for me to add my Malay blog to CloudFlare and change my nameservers to point to the service.

It took several hours for the nameservers to fully propagate but when it did…the effect was pure awesomeness. Now CloudFlare acts as a filter to clear out the massive false connections to the blog, while WordFence does its job properly to knock out too-frequent connections that cannot possible be done by a human. In other words, its a two-pronged security net. So…


And I would advise you to do the same :mrgreen: