Anti-religion imbeciles are retards

Sometimes these atheists take a loaded gun to the foot and shoot themselves. This is just one such example of it.


Such drivel is not worth being dignified with a reply, but one can note the usual sweeping allegations that these atheists / irreligious Islamophobes make about Islam, namely that Islam is a “violent” religion (when the reality is that Christianity is the more violent one), Muslims are “desert niggers” (on the contrary, the majority of Muslims on the planet do not live in the Arabian peninsula), and that Islam is a “fairytale” (which is obviously untrue, since we have the Qur’anic ayaat, or verses as proof that they are from God Almighty). We pity this poor soul and beseech the Almighty that may He give His guidance and wisdom to his progeny, so as they will not commit the mistake of their father and embrace the true religion of Islam, insha’allah.

It does worry me, however, that because of these perpetual misconceptions about Islam that have been around for decades, the Islamophobia trend on the internet is on the rise. Something surely will have to be done about that.