Siti Kasim is not only ugly, but stupid and utterly crass as well

Updated 10/10/2016: I’d say that she had it coming to her, just as what will be coming to The Dastardly Five is coming as well, lulz. And this is the type of person that they want to identify with? LMAO. It is of no wonder why they are so virulent in promoting that fitnah against me which was destroyed and buried many years ago.

It began with replying to an obscene gesture in public and people actually hailing this ugly person (even crossing a pug with a cow will have a prettier result) as a “heroine”, wow.


That short comment took an unexpected turn with this “reply” from Siti Kasim.

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Obviously I did reply to that but sadly it was deleted. So I called out their hypocrisy openly.




Interesting that one short remark on her looks and behaviour can solicit such an array of replies, doesn’t it?



I decided to reply to her “not enough fingers” remark on my wall, because I was politely told not to do so in that thread. So I did post it on my wall, and look where that got me.


Pretty obvious that her macais reported the posts I made en masse to Facebook. Afraid, are you?

Out of respect of the person who privately messaged me to refrain from replying any further to her macais, I kept away from the particular thread. That hasn’t stopped her army of macais from overflowing the thread, with some even taking pot-shots at yours truly.

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Hence this post serves as my response to any current and any future macai who think that they have “won” brownie points for anything. This is not even a contest….I am openly calling Siti Kasim — the murtadd atheist-lawyer (although she denies it, I have very strong reason to believe so) — ugly, stupid and crass, and I stand by that statement. Nothing has changed.

Problogger and Muslim internet activist.

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