Going to SG again after a year

After the fiasco that involves me hopping from one lousy company to another which involved:

      an online pet store whose boss was totally clueless on SEO (and cheated me out of my full pay), and
      a maternity retail store with a brainless idiot who has no clue about digital marketing,

I am finally having the dream job that I’ve always wanted ever since I decided to go into full-time employment in 2015.

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Going to SG again after a year 1

The company is sending me to their HQ office in SG. Exactly one year ago, I was also sent to SG by that online pet store company referenced earlier for their “training” (which turned out to be mostly PPC campaigns with limited budget). I suppose things happen for a reason, maybe my trip to SG last year was meant to pave the way for me to be accustomed to SG for this coming trip.

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And to you dogs barking at /k/, good luck trying to sabotage my work place this time, you para pukimak anjing dan babi sekalian!

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