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Impersonator promoting a “Kelab Murtad Di Malaysia”


It has come to my attention that someone using my Arabic kunya “Ibn Juferi” had posted a message on the well-known Islamophobic forum Faithfreedom International (FFI), claiming that “I” (him) have set up a “council for ex-Muslims in Malaysia” with the aim of undermining Islam and strengthening the murtadd cause in Malaysia.

Please take note that I, as the real person behind the moniker “Ibn Juferi”, have absolutely no part at all in this latest fiasco, nor have I posted on the FFI forum with the id “ibnjuferi”. This is obviously an attempt to undermine my activism credibility online as well as discrediting my unwavering dedicated to the cause of Islam and towards the goal of total elimination of all influences of the murtadds from Islam in Malaysia and worldwide. In fact, I have started the move towards this eventual goal; one of them being the setting up of Fron Bertindak Menentang Murtad (FORKAD).

The person impersonating me is obviously an anonymous stalker who has been harassing me for several months now. In the past, he had created IDs related to me on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and had posted several defamatory videos and messages which attacked Islam and contradicts my raison d’etre.

This statement serves as a repudiation of this malicious character’s attempts to disrupt the sanctity of Islam in the country, as well as a denial from myself that I have had anything to do with this latest attempt to smear my reputation and credibility as a Muslim internet activist dedicated to the cause of Islam and the eradication of those who are opposed to its ideals.

Muslim Internet Activist