Police report lodged against The Dastardly Five

Updated on 10/10/2016 4PM: Shit just turned real for The Dastardly Five. Unfortunately it cannot be six since that would mean a separate police report and I don’t want to waste any more time on this issue.


Next stop will be SKMM!

Updated on 9/10/2016 10AM: Three more idiots will be added to the police report on Monday, but most likely as an addendum, since I can’t be going around chasing more than six people.

Updated at 6PM: I will be adding rooney723 to my report so it is going to be six individuals now.

The police report says it all.



October 7, 2016
Police report to be lodged against lucifah and RaymondReddington

I have given ample warning not to repeat the lies that were spread by the trolls at Digital Point Forums all those years ago. Since these two particular clowns kept repeating the lie, I will carry out what I promised and will make the said police report against them tomorrow. I have the screenshots of their offending remarks about me.

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