It’s a brand new day

The purpose of this website will be to publish official press releases or media statements in response to issues concerning myself, Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi or better known as MENJ on the World Wide Web.

Lately, I find myself being subjected to a series of ad hominem attacks and libels aimed at casting aspersions on my credentials online. For years I have chosen to ignore such nasty polemics, simply because that I believe that such lies will die away on its own. However, with my increased participation as of late in the counter-apostasy and counter-atheism movement, some of my online “enemies” have decided to revive these age-old polemics, with the aim of discrediting my activism against them. Therefore, I have decided that I shall not stay silent any longer.

This will thus be the place where one can find my answers to such nasty polemics, insha’allah.

2 thoughts on “It’s a brand new day

  1. Hmmm, So what is going on then? People attacking you froim all sides? Losing even hard core fundamentalist muslim support?

    Maybe you should have think about this la before you start stalking other people, posting their identity online and harrassing them day and night. There are many complain about you la that you are constantly harassing muslims who leave Islam and become atheists. Why? I ask you why? Dont they have freedom to choose. If they dont like rules of Islam or conduc of prophet Mohd (becos he has done many many bad things la) then let them choose something which gives them peace of mind in their heart.

    So now you are maybe getting taste of your own bitter medicine.

    May Allah give you hidayah. I am also muslim BTW but not fanatic killer type like you. I respec everyone freedom to choose. Ok. Wassalam, I know you wont publish my comment la becos I know you are big on censorship. Anyone say good about your site or you then it will publish. Ok no problem. At least you read my message and then delete ok.

    1. What is “going on” is that in struggling for the cause of Islam, you sometimes procure enemies along the way but that will not deter me from my path to uphold the deen. As for “stalking other people” online or for being a “Muslim killer fanatic”, I think you must really be talking out of your arse, just like much of your stupid, half-baked shitty bullcrap that you have written here about Islam and freedom of religion. “Freedom of religion” is not equivalent to freedom to be an apostate from Islam and commit riddah, kappish?

      This response to your published comment is in itself a rebuttal of your silly rejoinder about me “practising censorship”. And you can stuff your version of “hidayah” up your arse where the sun does not shine, munafik.

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