Drama king LEE CHEE LOANG making a fuss over nothing!

This drama king who goes by the user handle cl.tech999 has been going around on LYN claiming that I am a “scammer” and that I have not paid him for the freelance work he has done for me. Ask yourself something: would a scammer pay RM600?

This was the sum originally promised:

And here are the transactions made to fulfil the payment + an extra RM50 for some work he did with a navigation bar.

Yes, there was another extra RM50 promised but that was made simply as a bonus because I originally thought that he deserved the extra boost. But after he wrote the following stupid and very rude reply to my gentle explanation on why I had to delay the payment for that week, I decided that he does not deserve this extra amount at all.


Now he is going around claiming that I “owe” him RM350 and scammed him off that amount. If anything, the screenshots that I posted above has proven that I have actually paid him more than that amount. Had he not been rude and turned greedy over the extra RM50, I would have given him more projects to do that is worth around RM2K in my estimation. But because he is a fucking greedy pig, he is not going to get even a single sen more from me.

The amount RM600 transferred is more than what he deserves. If I had my way and were truly the scammer that he claims that I am, I would have only paid him RM300 and ran off without contacting him again.


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