The cowardice of /k at LYN Forum

These trolls inhabiting LYN Forum are hillarious. They remind me of the pests who infest the RP section at Digital Point Forums. Whether they are Malaysian trolls or orang putih trolls, they share a common trait…they cannot argue coherently without dishing out ad hominem and then bringing your social media accounts, your websites or your personal information to the table. When you explain to these idiots that the so-called account belonging to yours truly is no longer accessible, is outdated and that it is no longer used, they then overwhelm you with hosting information which are nothing more than circumstantial, and reused polemical information from my old foes back in the day and from way back to 2006!

(I should remind these idiots that this is 2016….ten years has passed and what has been debunked before should remain debunked)

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And then, when they can no longer argue any more, they bring in a third-party moderator (who happens to be their best buddy) to ban you.


This happened to me at DP Forums, and the same thing happened to me agan at LYN Forum. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I am going to take all this in stride and enjoy my “vacation”. I will see you again when October ends, LYN!

Problogger and Muslim internet activist.

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