Bring it on, you pukimak!

Yes, I am addressing you, you anonymous pukimak troll. My activism against the murtadds and atheists continue. In fact, it is ongoing.

Do your worst, you pukimak piece of shit keling troll.

Until today I have no idea who you are and what are your motives. You have nothing to do with me “withdrawing” from the blogosphere and besides, I never did “withdrew, I have always been around.

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Who are you, anyway? Are you even a Malaysian? You have been using Indian IPs to troll yours truly` to the point of being an annoying pest, but nothing more.

Don’t be deluded into thinking that you have any influence whatsoever over my internet activism, because really, you don’t.

You are just a coward hiding behind a monitor and dare not to even use his (or her?) real name. The best you can do is to write silly messages via the contact form of my blog(s) and/or write poison pen emails to my employer.

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Good luck doing that again, you son of a sharmoota, because I am still laughing all the way to the bank and happily employed.

You have failed.

Problogger and Muslim internet activist.

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