“Bella Swanson”, Nora Madasamy and an e-mail from SKMM

Update: Bella Swanson is Asy’ari J. Asni, the gayboy faggot from Singapore. Read this post for the clarification.

Update: I have finally uncovered the fact that “Bella Swanson” is actually Nora Madasamy in disguise. The original post was written under the assumption that Bella Swanson Is a distinct individual from Nora Madasamy. Now that she has been exposed, only a general reply is required. A specific rebuttal to the lies she is propagating may no longer be necessary.

Original Post:

I was informed that the anonymous character “Bella Swanson” (whom I suspect to be one of the prime movers behind this current murtadd movement on FB) wrote a scathing, lengthy attack on me, in yet another desperate attempt at character assassination. Her lies will be responded to soon once I actually have the time to do so. Most of the lies are rehashed polemics which have already been dealt with previously (porn sites…what porn sites?).

In the meantime, I would like to address a specific claim of “Bella”, namely this charge (bolded emphasis my own):

This is because MENJ has no case against these apostates… He was never interested in having them get caught or be brought to face trial… All he does is expose them, claim victory and make him look like a hero, thus boosting up his celebrity status… Which of course works cause the weak minded [SIC] Malay Muslims practically worships the very ground he walks on…

Oh really? Is it true that as far as the murtadds are concerned, I “…was never interested in having them get caught or be brought to face trial”?

I would like to publish the e-mail I received from SKMM four days ago, which refutes one of her lies about me, i.e. that I have no intention of reporting “Nurulhuda bte Mohammad” aka Nora Madasamy to the authorities concerned. Obviously I have censored the relevant bits so that the murtadds will not be able to discover on what day this meeting will take place, as well as the contact details of the investigating officer.

The e-mail is self-explanatory, if these murtadds can read Bahasa Melayu.

So much for her pathetic little lie about me not having any intention of pursuing legal means to confront the murtadds, eh? Trust me, I am very, very serious when I say that I will be seeing Nora Madasamy rotting in jail soon. The evidence against her really implicates her activities which goes against the laws and social norms of this nation called Malaysia.

More rebuttals will be coming soon, insha’allah.

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