Aggrieved party gets LYN permaban

I don’t have enough middle fingers to express my feelings about this.


The issue is about today, in 2016. But see how they dragged this as an issue coming from 2006? What “flaming” did I engage in from 2006? As far as I recall, I registered in 2003, then I boycotted LYN until 2011, participated in the Harimau Malaya football thread, occasionally dropped in /k/ for the laughs and did not trigger anything until some people got butt-hurt over my questioning of a JD (which, in my view, was a tad racist) and created a thread for the sole purpose of demonising me. And you gave me a permaban after these crooks got away with it???

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Wow. You people seriously need psychiatric help, that is all I can say.

Problogger and Muslim internet activist.

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