The accusation that I run “pornographic websites” is a lie

The answer is no, I do not own pornographic websites, I do not run any websites related to pornography and I most certainly am not earning money from running such websites. Anyone who is accusing me of such a thing must be off their rocker, to put it mildly.

My core business is and has always been:

1. Niche blogs related to real estate, finance, technology and related topics.

2. Web directories, of which a list of them can be seen here.

3. Collection of personal-related sites and blogs, such as, and this site.

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4. A network of tightly-niched, Islamic-related websites under the Ittaqullah! Foundation brand.

The following screenshots from my GoDaddy and Namecheap accounts respectively will also prove that I do not own any “” domain.



If anyone thinks that he/she can show the so-called “pornographic websites” that I allegedly “own”, I would be most happy to see what “evidence” they will be concocting to perpetuate this lie. I really think this accusation is so silly on the infantile level to the nth degree that I should not be replying to such character assassinations at all. However, since a lot of these murtadd assholes are starting to repeat this particular accusation against me, I have no choice but to address it since silence may be seen as an implicit agreement from me. Hence consider this reply from me as a rebuttal of such an idiotic accusation which has been totally unthinkable to me until now.

Problogger and Muslim internet activist.

4 thoughts on “The accusation that I run “pornographic websites” is a lie”

    1. LOL, you must be running out of insults now that you have hit a brick wall, N. Madasamy’s shit. Might want to tell your husband to beware, because I am going to pay him a visit in Damansara soon. And by the way, bitch, there is no such thing as a “Subang Jaya Airport”.

  1. Well to be honest with you even I have some solid proof that you have placed ad for porno sites in your blog. I have seen it with my own eyes. There is no bigger evidence than that.

    What about things like womens breast augmentation pictures, vaginal labia reduction pictures etc? I have seen all that with my own eyes in your blog.

    This menj is a crooked man using Islam for his own benefit so he can earn some money. Now he is targetting apostates and created the murtadd site and is heavily advertising it so that we will once again be in the spotlight and generate traffic to his sites. Its all about money honey.

    The guy even posted about his wifes vaginal disease and how he conceived his son muawwiyyah ibn juferi by explicitly mentionning humping his wife ad reaching orgasm all in an attempt to bring in visitors to his site. He knows more than anyone else that sex sells.

    You are giving Muslims a bad name. Sall I want to say.

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