About MENJ

About MENJ 1

Now that I’ve regained my six year old domain MENJ.NET from those pesky and accursed domain snatchers, I am quite at loss on what to do with this site as I’ve build around the Ibn Juferi brand since the time I lost this domain in 2005.

However, since this site had some Google PageRank juice in the past, I think it would be best if I utilise this site in some way to further enhance my SEO capabilities. At the very least, the blog can be utilised in passing on PageRank juice to the other sites in my network. That way, this site would not be a waste and I can actually use it as part of an overall SEO and monetisation process.

After pondering over this further, I’ve decided that this site can be used as the base to counter those who are launching nasty polemics against myself in order to smear my reputation. Not just for my sake alone, but to also demonstrate that these morons can only resort to ad hominem and poisoning the well when all else fails and they are unable to encounter the arguments of someone more intelligent than they are.

This puts paid to their cause and discredits their own struggle.