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The “Swedish” three


Frankly I couldn’t care less about what Ali Abd Jalil thinks of the Malaysian royalty (and personally I don’t think he’s able to do anything about it anyway, much less gain support for his call for a “republic”) but the two female murtadds with him are the ones that interests me the most. Oh don’t worry, bitches…I am watching you both. Just because I have been pursuing other interests at the moment does not mean that I have not been observing.

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Troll thwarted from Wikipedia attack


Yet another attack has been successfully thwarted. The same troll that has been leaving nasty comments and creating fake accounts pretending to be yours truly with defamatory information on YouTube and Twitter, Vimeo, Quora, Twitter and many other places on the social media web was frequently defacing my Wikipedia user profile with false and blatantly outrageous information. It was amusing at first as Wikipedia has the “undo” feature that you can restore previous edits. But I got tired of it and reported the troll incidents to the Wikipedia administrators. So now the page is protected from IP edits and there is no way that the troll can deface the page now.

Haha, troll….you FAILED again! Wallahi, if I ever discover who you really are, not only will I cut your balls off but I will also chop off your stupid head!


Anti-religion imbeciles are retards

Sometimes these atheists take a loaded gun to the foot and shoot themselves. This is just one such example of it.


Such drivel is not worth being dignified with a reply, but one can note the usual sweeping allegations that these atheists / irreligious Islamophobes make about Islam, namely that Islam is a “violent” religion (when the reality is that Christianity is the more violent one), Muslims are “desert niggers” (on the contrary, the majority of Muslims on the planet do not live in the Arabian peninsula), and that Islam is a “fairytale” (which is obviously untrue, since we have the Qur’anic ayaat, or verses as proof that they are from God Almighty). We pity this poor soul and beseech the Almighty that may He give His guidance and wisdom to his progeny, so as they will not commit the mistake of their father and embrace the true religion of Islam, insha’allah.

It does worry me, however, that because of these perpetual misconceptions about Islam that have been around for decades, the Islamophobia trend on the internet is on the rise. Something surely will have to be done about that.


Bella Swanson is Asy’ari J. Asni

Two years ago, a gayboy faggot from Singapore by the name of Asy’ari J. Asni broke into the scene of Islamophobia by getting involved in some very nasty virulent and vile epithets imaginable about Islam, the Prophet Muhammad SAWS and Muslims in general. I was not involved in exposing this joker’s identity but after it was revealed who he was, he publicly “apologised” (i.e. shed crocodile tears) and was never heard from again.

Or so we thought.


(The issue on the age of ‘Aisha RA which this gayboy faggot mentioned has been dealt with here, here and here.)



Now it has been discovered that the person who goes by the identity of “Bella Swanson” (whom I had made a mention of in this blog post several moons ago) is actually the gayboy faggot all the while. I originally had thought that this character was Nora Madasamy in disguise….an assumption I made based on a personal analysis of the style of writing which seems to suggest that the person knows Nora Madasamy closely. Either the person in question is someone affiliated with her or is Nora herself. In restrospect, I should have made the connection to Asy’ari, since it is public knowledge that these two yahoos were meeting in Singapore regularly.

Until proven otherwise, I have no reason to see why the association of the bogus “Bella” character is untrue. Atheists are habitual liars, so their own testimony does not count for much.