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When Indons go ape and try to DDOS your blog….


On Friday night and nearly the whole day of Saturday (until I managed to figure out and counter the problem), my Bahasa Melayu blog at Pendapat Kritis was experiencing server timeout issues and frequent down-time. I alerted my web host to the problem and they investigated. As it turns out, it was a massive DDOS attack (using amateur tools like LOIC and other software) from a bunch of disgruntled Indons who actually dedicated a Facebook group in my honour.

So once I enabled the WordFence security plugin, I was able to contain the problem. However, this only lasted for several hours before the server again experienced severe outages again. A further check of the group revealed that there were hundreds of Indons gunning for my blog, LMAO. There was no way that WordFence….a good plugin though it is…could handle such a massive load from hundreds of angry Indons pulling their computer resources together to run a DDOS tool. Hence the only sensible thing to do was for me to add my Malay blog to CloudFlare and change my nameservers to point to the service.

It took several hours for the nameservers to fully propagate but when it did…the effect was pure awesomeness. Now CloudFlare acts as a filter to clear out the massive false connections to the blog, while WordFence does its job properly to knock out too-frequent connections that cannot possible be done by a human. In other words, its a two-pronged security net. So…


And I would advise you to do the same :mrgreen:

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Fake troll account on Quora was banned!

Alhamdulillah, this is a great victory for me personally and for Islam in general when I visited Quora today and noticed that the admins have taken action on the fake profile created by the Islamophobic troll impersonating my son.


Truth is always clear from error, and trully Allah SWT is the Most Just and Most Merciful who has heard my du’a to remove this troll from the face of the web. One day this murtad troll will lose his head and I await joyfully for that day to come when I do him the honour. Allahu Akbar! Off with his head!


Purely business

I have been thinking about it for some time and I think I have made up my mind that I will turn into a purely business-oriented website. This is part of my future plans to further tighten my network’s niches and provide value to the overall SEO benefits that my closed network can pass onto other websites in my other clusters. Currently there are a lot of content on where I have exposed the identities of the apostates behind the infamous “Murtads in Malaysia and Singapore” (MMS) Facebook group.

These information are important in the war effort against the murtadd movement in general, so what I will do is to move these content to a more suitable web property which I will announce once the process is completed. Then I can go ahead and wipe out the content on and turn it into the business blog that it should be.


More nasty stuff

Since we have had a special request, here is some more “nasty stuff” especially dedicated for the internet troll. So go piss off!


The troll contradiction


Two important points to be noted:

1. The troll claims to not be able to understand Bahasa Melayu, and yet he (or she) subsequently replied to my provocation in the language.

2. The troll claims to be a “Muslim” and yet clearly uttered invectives which proves this to be false.

Conclusion: The troll is a habitual liar. And I think I have a good idea who this person is.