Hosting issue resolved

There was an outage with the server this site was hosted on, causing significant downtime problems since 17th April. After digging further, I found out that it was an issue of the hosting company with their datacentre, which promoted the DC to disable the internet port connecting the company’s server to the world. So I decided to look for an alternative company and, upon the recommendation of many, finally found a hosting company located in the same country as the previous one.

After paying the fees for the new hosting and waiting for the datacentre to reconnect the port, it was only a matter of minutes to open a support ticket and request for an account transfer from their staff. The whole process took less than an hour.

Now, as you can see, the site is fully functional again.

Updated 6:43PM: Site is still behaving weirdly and I was unable to visit the site for several hours after I posted the news above. Hopefully it will be sorted out over the next few days once the DNS is fully propagated.

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Tengku Salahuddin al-Amin ibn Tengku Amir al-Joofri

Whoever this moron is (the name is obviously a pseudonym), he is going to get screwed. I just filed a report to Google regarding the impersonation he (or she) had done.

Seriously dude, go get a life instead of stalking me or trying to impersonate any of my family members. You are a truly pathetic soul, do you know that? Nobody is going to read the impersonation splogs that you create anyway.

You can kiss goodbye to your latest nonsensical blog, methinks. Goodbye, asshole.

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“Ali Sina” and his brand of censorship

A short “trip” to a familiar shit hole led me to discover this very old “gem” from the pseudo-intellectual himself: “Ali Sina” (not his real name) and petty threats against me, his (unproven) accusation that I am a “thug and potential criminal” [!], and last but not least, his brand of censorship. For an utter moron who has plied his trade selling a provocative book attacking the character of the Prophet SAWS, the guy sure has a serious lack of manners and decency to those who disagree with him.

And guess what? After 10 years, he hasn’t changed one single bit. When it comes to ad hominem attacks and spouting slurs, “Ali Sina” is surely the champion at that. Why am I not surprised?

See also Sheila Musaji, “Ali Sina Launches Sharpened Olive Branch of Hate”, The American Muslim.

P.S.: “Ali Sina” and the gang of Islamophobic, murtadd thugs that he had “inspired” to hurl all sorts of horrible and disgusting libels against God, the Prophet SAWS and Islam behind the anonymity of the computer screen will be dealt with in more detail in this future work in progress.