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Angry Birds Space

I am really enjoying Angry Birds Space at the moment, so most likely there will be no statements from me on this website, at least for now. This post is intended to taunt those “anti-MENJ” haters out there that very much unlike them, I do have a life outside of the World Wide Web.

The endearing epithets these murtadd assholes give me, i.e. “radical”, “extremist”, “terrorist”, etc. are really very hilarious. How many “terrorists” you know spend their time playing Angry Birds, anyway?

P.S.: From this point onward, I will adopt a “zero tolerance” policy to any belligerent comment towards Islam, Rasulullah SAWS and to myself (marked as “spam” for Akismet). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Madasamy’s Shit is in this photograph

Madasamy's Shit among the crowd

She should beware of her next move, because I know who she is and how she looks like and I know that she knows that I know who she is and how she looks like. Isn’t that right now, Madasamy’s Shit?

The proof of that is evidenced by the photograph published above. I am not going to even bother singling out which one is “Nurulhuda bte Mohamad”. Just spot the one who looks the most like Mona Fandey and bingo, you’ve got her!

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The accusation that I run “pornographic websites” is a lie

The answer is no, I do not own pornographic websites, I do not run any websites related to pornography and I most certainly am not earning money from running such websites. Anyone who is accusing me of such a thing must be off their rocker, to put it mildly.

My core business is and has always been:

1. Niche blogs related to real estate, finance, technology and related topics.

2. Web directories, of which a list of them can be seen here.

3. Collection of personal-related sites and blogs, such as, and this site.

4. A network of tightly-niched, Islamic-related websites under the Ittaqullah! Foundation brand.

The following screenshots from my GoDaddy and Namecheap accounts respectively will also prove that I do not own any “” domain.



If anyone thinks that he/she can show the so-called “pornographic websites” that I allegedly “own”, I would be most happy to see what “evidence” they will be concocting to perpetuate this lie. I really think this accusation is so silly on the infantile level to the nth degree that I should not be replying to such character assassinations at all. However, since a lot of these murtadd assholes are starting to repeat this particular accusation against me, I have no choice but to address it since silence may be seen as an implicit agreement from me. Hence consider this reply from me as a rebuttal of such an idiotic accusation which has been totally unthinkable to me until now.


I am not unemployed

Some people are accusing me of being an “unemployed” individual who spends his time 24/7 on the internet wandering aimlessly and do nothing. They got only that half-right. It is true that I do spend my time 24/7 on the internet, but I certainly don’t do it because I am “unemployed”. Rather, it is because the nature of my job demands of me to do so.

Here is the nature of my job: I work as a freelance internet marketer and pro-blogger, doing search engine optimization (SEO) work for clients as well as for myself. I monetise blogs and websites according to their specific niches and earn money by adding Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements. I also run a number of web directories which are highly-optimised for SEO and I get paid by SEO companies and webmasters who want to take advantage of this.

Here is a screenshot of my sales report for February 2012 (in USD):

This is my company website which outlines what I do for a living. So are you happy now, you dimwits? So much for your lying through your teeth and spreading your false accusations about me being “unemployed”, eh? I probably earn more in a day than you do in a month!

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Impersonator promoting a “Kelab Murtad Di Malaysia”


It has come to my attention that someone using my Arabic kunya “Ibn Juferi” had posted a message on the well-known Islamophobic forum Faithfreedom International (FFI), claiming that “I” (him) have set up a “council for ex-Muslims in Malaysia” with the aim of undermining Islam and strengthening the murtadd cause in Malaysia.

Please take note that I, as the real person behind the moniker “Ibn Juferi”, have absolutely no part at all in this latest fiasco, nor have I posted on the FFI forum with the id “ibnjuferi”. This is obviously an attempt to undermine my activism credibility online as well as discrediting my unwavering dedicated to the cause of Islam and towards the goal of total elimination of all influences of the murtadds from Islam in Malaysia and worldwide. In fact, I have started the move towards this eventual goal; one of them being the setting up of Fron Bertindak Menentang Murtad (FORKAD).

The person impersonating me is obviously an anonymous stalker who has been harassing me for several months now. In the past, he had created IDs related to me on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and had posted several defamatory videos and messages which attacked Islam and contradicts my raison d’etre.

This statement serves as a repudiation of this malicious character’s attempts to disrupt the sanctity of Islam in the country, as well as a denial from myself that I have had anything to do with this latest attempt to smear my reputation and credibility as a Muslim internet activist dedicated to the cause of Islam and the eradication of those who are opposed to its ideals.

Muslim Internet Activist


It’s a brand new day

The purpose of this website will be to publish official press releases or media statements in response to issues concerning myself, Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi or better known as MENJ on the World Wide Web.

Lately, I find myself being subjected to a series of ad hominem attacks and libels aimed at casting aspersions on my credentials online. For years I have chosen to ignore such nasty polemics, simply because that I believe that such lies will die away on its own. However, with my increased participation as of late in the counter-apostasy and counter-atheism movement, some of my online “enemies” have decided to revive these age-old polemics, with the aim of discrediting my activism against them. Therefore, I have decided that I shall not stay silent any longer.

This will thus be the place where one can find my answers to such nasty polemics, insha’allah.