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Any idea what “Menjubor” means?

Overheard from a murtadd:

Her1 personal stalker2 is non [SIC] other than the infamous apostate hunter, Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi better known as MENJ (he thinks it sounds cool though its actually part of a word, MENJUBOR… but I’ll leave you to find out on your own what that means.

Interesting claim here: “he thinks it sounds cool though it’s actually part of a word….” Without having to go into the obvious3, is it really “part of a word” as the murtadd is claiming? That would really depend on whether you are looking for a “short answer” or a long one.

Short answer:

No, it is not part of a word.4 It’s an acronym.

Long answer:

It is very interesting to note how these murtadds often resort to name-calling whenever the opportunity arises. I suppose they think that it is funny to make a “pun” on my initials, “MENJ“…which, by the way, almost everyone (except AMS) knows what it means, and what I have been using even before the rise of their Islamophobic groupie on Facebook. The acronym certainly has no connection at all to the exposures I am currently making against them. Not to mention that my intials have somehow made its way into an online acronym dictionary, so there isn’t really an excuse for anyone to make snide remarks about my initials.

So how do you respond intellectually to such a silly polemic? Simple. All one has to do is to go to Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka’s online dictionary and discover that their made-up word “menjubor” does not exist in the Malay language lexicon.

Click on the above image for a larger view

Not so “smart” now when one realises that a non-existent word was coined just to insult my initials, eh? I think it is more of a reflection on how stupid they are when it comes to language. They don’t even have a proper word in the Malay language to use for a pun, so they have to pull one out from their arse.

More than anything else, their inherent infatuation with sex and arse is probably the reason why they couldn’t use existing words for a pun. Try better next time, murtadds!

  1. Meaning Nora Madasamy, aka “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad”, whom I exposed in another blog. []
  2. I would hardly call collating personal information that she herself exposed online to be “stalking”. It is more of a testament to my skills of having the ability to discern and sift through material, as much as it is a testimony of her technically-challenged deficiency. []
  3. I wouldn’t have used it if it doesn’t sound “cool”, bodoh. []
  4. Some have accused me of “editing” these online acronym dictionaries to insert my own definition. I assure these skeptics that I had nothing to do with adding these entries. []
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“Bella Swanson”, Nora Madasamy and an e-mail from SKMM

Update: Bella Swanson is Asy’ari J. Asni, the gayboy faggot from Singapore. Read this post for the clarification.

Update: I have finally uncovered the fact that “Bella Swanson” is actually Nora Madasamy in disguise. The original post was written under the assumption that Bella Swanson Is a distinct individual from Nora Madasamy. Now that she has been exposed, only a general reply is required. A specific rebuttal to the lies she is propagating may no longer be necessary.

Original Post:

I was informed that the anonymous character “Bella Swanson” (whom I suspect to be one of the prime movers behind this current murtadd movement on FB) wrote a scathing, lengthy attack on me, in yet another desperate attempt at character assassination. Her lies will be responded to soon once I actually have the time to do so. Most of the lies are rehashed polemics which have already been dealt with previously (porn sites…what porn sites?).

In the meantime, I would like to address a specific claim of “Bella”, namely this charge (bolded emphasis my own):

This is because MENJ has no case against these apostates… He was never interested in having them get caught or be brought to face trial… All he does is expose them, claim victory and make him look like a hero, thus boosting up his celebrity status… Which of course works cause the weak minded [SIC] Malay Muslims practically worships the very ground he walks on…

Oh really? Is it true that as far as the murtadds are concerned, I “…was never interested in having them get caught or be brought to face trial”?

I would like to publish the e-mail I received from SKMM four days ago, which refutes one of her lies about me, i.e. that I have no intention of reporting “Nurulhuda bte Mohammad” aka Nora Madasamy to the authorities concerned. Obviously I have censored the relevant bits so that the murtadds will not be able to discover on what day this meeting will take place, as well as the contact details of the investigating officer.

The e-mail is self-explanatory, if these murtadds can read Bahasa Melayu.

So much for her pathetic little lie about me not having any intention of pursuing legal means to confront the murtadds, eh? Trust me, I am very, very serious when I say that I will be seeing Nora Madasamy rotting in jail soon. The evidence against her really implicates her activities which goes against the laws and social norms of this nation called Malaysia.

More rebuttals will be coming soon, insha’allah.


It really didn’t take long….

…to find all the necessary information about a certain “NMadasamy” who uses the email In fact, it took me under 15 minutes to search all the information there is to know about the person behind this domain, thanks to the power of Google and their far-reaching search technology. It certainly wasn’t a coincidence that the Whois information for the domain was protected soon after I revealed the photograph of Madasamy’s Shit. And I don’t think allowing a 7-year old domain to lapse (when it is obvious the domain was being used for serious correspondence) after its expiry date arrived is a coincidence either. I think she knows that I know who she is, what she does for a living, and what her relationship to the real “Madasamy” is.

Once I’ve arranged the evidence, this bitch will really be exposed to the world via my anti-murtadd blog. Just wait and see.

All I can say at this juncture is that you sure have a bad taste in selecting men, Madasamy’s Shit. Who in their right mind would want to marry a Hindu, and a fanatical one at that too? Gatai sangat nak rasa konek India jolok puki hang ka?

Now excuse me….I need to prepare for a “lawatan sambil belajar” trip to Persiaran Dutamas.


Hosting issue resolved

There was an outage with the server this site was hosted on, causing significant downtime problems since 17th April. After digging further, I found out that it was an issue of the hosting company with their datacentre, which promoted the DC to disable the internet port connecting the company’s server to the world. So I decided to look for an alternative company and, upon the recommendation of many, finally found a hosting company located in the same country as the previous one.

After paying the fees for the new hosting and waiting for the datacentre to reconnect the port, it was only a matter of minutes to open a support ticket and request for an account transfer from their staff. The whole process took less than an hour.

Now, as you can see, the site is fully functional again.

Updated 6:43PM: Site is still behaving weirdly and I was unable to visit the site for several hours after I posted the news above. Hopefully it will be sorted out over the next few days once the DNS is fully propagated.

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Tengku Salahuddin al-Amin ibn Tengku Amir al-Joofri

Whoever this moron is (the name is obviously a pseudonym), he is going to get screwed. I just filed a report to Google regarding the impersonation he (or she) had done.

Seriously dude, go get a life instead of stalking me or trying to impersonate any of my family members. You are a truly pathetic soul, do you know that? Nobody is going to read the impersonation splogs that you create anyway.

You can kiss goodbye to your latest nonsensical blog, methinks. Goodbye, asshole.

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“Ali Sina” and his brand of censorship

A short “trip” to a familiar shit hole led me to discover this very old “gem” from the pseudo-intellectual himself: “Ali Sina” (not his real name) and petty threats against me, his (unproven) accusation that I am a “thug and potential criminal” [!], and last but not least, his brand of censorship. For an utter moron who has plied his trade selling a provocative book attacking the character of the Prophet SAWS, the guy sure has a serious lack of manners and decency to those who disagree with him.

And guess what? After 10 years, he hasn’t changed one single bit. When it comes to ad hominem attacks and spouting slurs, “Ali Sina” is surely the champion at that. Why am I not surprised?

See also Sheila Musaji, “Ali Sina Launches Sharpened Olive Branch of Hate”, The American Muslim.

P.S.: “Ali Sina” and the gang of Islamophobic, murtadd thugs that he had “inspired” to hurl all sorts of horrible and disgusting libels against God, the Prophet SAWS and Islam behind the anonymity of the computer screen will be dealt with in more detail in this future work in progress.

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Angry Birds Space

I am really enjoying Angry Birds Space at the moment, so most likely there will be no statements from me on this website, at least for now. This post is intended to taunt those “anti-MENJ” haters out there that very much unlike them, I do have a life outside of the World Wide Web.

The endearing epithets these murtadd assholes give me, i.e. “radical”, “extremist”, “terrorist”, etc. are really very hilarious. How many “terrorists” you know spend their time playing Angry Birds, anyway?

P.S.: From this point onward, I will adopt a “zero tolerance” policy to any belligerent comment towards Islam, Rasulullah SAWS and to myself (marked as “spam” for Akismet). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Madasamy’s Shit is in this photograph

Madasamy's Shit among the crowd

She should beware of her next move, because I know who she is and how she looks like and I know that she knows that I know who she is and how she looks like. Isn’t that right now, Madasamy’s Shit?

The proof of that is evidenced by the photograph published above. I am not going to even bother singling out which one is “Nurulhuda bte Mohamad”. Just spot the one who looks the most like Mona Fandey and bingo, you’ve got her!

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The accusation that I run “pornographic websites” is a lie

The answer is no, I do not own pornographic websites, I do not run any websites related to pornography and I most certainly am not earning money from running such websites. Anyone who is accusing me of such a thing must be off their rocker, to put it mildly.

My core business is and has always been:

1. Niche blogs related to real estate, finance, technology and related topics.

2. Web directories, of which a list of them can be seen here.

3. Collection of personal-related sites and blogs, such as, and this site.

4. A network of tightly-niched, Islamic-related websites under the Ittaqullah! Foundation brand.

The following screenshots from my GoDaddy and Namecheap accounts respectively will also prove that I do not own any “” domain.



If anyone thinks that he/she can show the so-called “pornographic websites” that I allegedly “own”, I would be most happy to see what “evidence” they will be concocting to perpetuate this lie. I really think this accusation is so silly on the infantile level to the nth degree that I should not be replying to such character assassinations at all. However, since a lot of these murtadd assholes are starting to repeat this particular accusation against me, I have no choice but to address it since silence may be seen as an implicit agreement from me. Hence consider this reply from me as a rebuttal of such an idiotic accusation which has been totally unthinkable to me until now.