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Overpriced shit for the most minimal gain


I actually did a search for this sentence: overpriced shit for the most minimal gain and was surprised that nobody used this exact sentence in the whole of the World Wide Web. Considering the fact that I posted this sentence quite frequently, it is strange that Google did not pick it up. Nevertheless, when I write this sentence, I almost always refer to one of these two brands.

  • Intel
  • Apple

The former is a microprocessor company while the other is a tech company selling their proprietary desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Best Muslim homestay in Penang

Muslim Homestay Pulau Pinang

Muslim Homestay Pulau Pinang

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Fake troll account on Quora was banned!

Alhamdulillah, this is a great victory for me personally and for Islam in general when I visited Quora today and noticed that the admins have taken action on the fake profile created by the Islamophobic troll impersonating my son.


Truth is always clear from error, and trully Allah SWT is the Most Just and Most Merciful who has heard my du’a to remove this troll from the face of the web. One day this murtad troll will lose his head and I await joyfully for that day to come when I do him the honour. Allahu Akbar! Off with his head!


More nasty stuff

Since we have had a special request, here is some more “nasty stuff” especially dedicated for the internet troll. So go piss off!

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Any idea what “Menjubor” means?

Overheard from a murtadd:

Her1 personal stalker2 is non [SIC] other than the infamous apostate hunter, Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi better known as MENJ (he thinks it sounds cool though its actually part of a word, MENJUBOR… but I’ll leave you to find out on your own what that means.

Interesting claim here: “he thinks it sounds cool though it’s actually part of a word….” Without having to go into the obvious3, is it really “part of a word” as the murtadd is claiming? That would really depend on whether you are looking for a “short answer” or a long one.

Short answer:

No, it is not part of a word.4 It’s an acronym.

Long answer:

It is very interesting to note how these murtadds often resort to name-calling whenever the opportunity arises. I suppose they think that it is funny to make a “pun” on my initials, “MENJ“…which, by the way, almost everyone (except AMS) knows what it means, and what I have been using even before the rise of their Islamophobic groupie on Facebook. The acronym certainly has no connection at all to the exposures I am currently making against them. Not to mention that my intials have somehow made its way into an online acronym dictionary, so there isn’t really an excuse for anyone to make snide remarks about my initials.

So how do you respond intellectually to such a silly polemic? Simple. All one has to do is to go to Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka’s online dictionary and discover that their made-up word “menjubor” does not exist in the Malay language lexicon.

Click on the above image for a larger view

Not so “smart” now when one realises that a non-existent word was coined just to insult my initials, eh? I think it is more of a reflection on how stupid they are when it comes to language. They don’t even have a proper word in the Malay language to use for a pun, so they have to pull one out from their arse.

More than anything else, their inherent infatuation with sex and arse is probably the reason why they couldn’t use existing words for a pun. Try better next time, murtadds!

  1. Meaning Nora Madasamy, aka “Nurulhuda binti Mohammad”, whom I exposed in another blog. []
  2. I would hardly call collating personal information that she herself exposed online to be “stalking”. It is more of a testament to my skills of having the ability to discern and sift through material, as much as it is a testimony of her technically-challenged deficiency. []
  3. I wouldn’t have used it if it doesn’t sound “cool”, bodoh. []
  4. Some have accused me of “editing” these online acronym dictionaries to insert my own definition. I assure these skeptics that I had nothing to do with adding these entries. []
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Angry Birds Space

I am really enjoying Angry Birds Space at the moment, so most likely there will be no statements from me on this website, at least for now. This post is intended to taunt those “anti-MENJ” haters out there that very much unlike them, I do have a life outside of the World Wide Web.

The endearing epithets these murtadd assholes give me, i.e. “radical”, “extremist”, “terrorist”, etc. are really very hilarious. How many “terrorists” you know spend their time playing Angry Birds, anyway?

P.S.: From this point onward, I will adopt a “zero tolerance” policy to any belligerent comment towards Islam, Rasulullah SAWS and to myself (marked as “spam” for Akismet). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.