Powered stair climbers make for a highly effective workout

If you have access to a fitness center, be it your apartment complex’s exercise room or a gym you have a membership at, and you are not sure what piece of exercise equipment to use, then consider powered stair climbers. You are not likely to find any other machine for such a highly effective workout. If you are a regular at your apartment complex fitness center, a member of a local gym, or you like hitting hotel exercise rooms when traveling, you might have been eyeing the powered stair climbers for a while as a new thing to add to your workout regimen. This can be a great idea, and you have likely noticed that those who use them tend to be in great shape and have lots of energy. So who would not want to be one of them?

While treadmills are great for getting some cardio going, the elevation and angle they provide is rather minimal, and not all of them do it. Powered stair climbers really get you working out in how they simulate moving upward, which makes your use more muscles and use them harder. You not only burn more calories in the same time frame, you build muscle strength on top of the cardio, giving your workout a time-saving 1-2 punch.

Why Powered Stair Climbers Are Ideal

Powered stair climbers are ideal over machines that are not powered or used manually. A powered machine can usually be set to preprogrammed workout, which means you can set it for 30 minutes or some other time period, and then let it rip. Since it counts down that time period, you are far more likely to continue and finish your workout.

If you do decide to try powered stair climbers and you are coming from a background of treadmills or stationary bikes, you could be at huge risk of overestimating your ability to handle them. While the exercise sessions are of similar length for many people, the intensity can catch them off guard. Powered climbers use more muscles than other machines, and workout all of them harder.

Unpowered machines shut down when you stop, and so exercisers using these wind up quitting when they lose their breath the first time. Higher end models of stair climbers have advanced features like safety clips you can attach to your workout clothes which stop the machine if you fall off. You might also be able to check your heart rate on the handles to know if your pulse is in the target zone for fat burning. Good models are always going to have spots for your keys, towel, water bottle, and smartphone or MP3 player, since these are essential items.

How Regularly Should You Use Powered Stair Climbers

Even if you are a seasoned pro who can spend hours running on a treadmill at inclines, go easy on yourself the first few times you get on a powered stair climber. If there are preset workouts based on your age and weight, you should actually use those. They give you a chance to get to know the machine, and you’ll have a few days to see how your muscles respond.

Expect your quads and calves in particular to start showing the first signs of use and soreness and growth. Over time, you’ll notice that your abs and low back also either enjoy or protest the workout. Honor what your body tells you and take a few weeks to figure out what pace on a stair climber is right for you. The workout has amazing benefits, but starting off at 20 minutes three times a week when using powered stair climbers is a safe start you can grow from later.


Hello, “Ibn Kotham”

I know who you are. All your activities and comments that you post on my web properties will be posted here. I will document everything that you write and publish it for the whole world to see, and that includes your IP address as well.

LYN Forum posts (no IP information unfortunately)




A stray comment with a Dutch IP address:


IP information:


More recent comments (October 2016 – February 2017):





IP information:


Same style of writing, repeating the same threats….no one can deny that these were written by the same person.

Polemics, Press

Wanted criminal resurfaces, whines about so-called “false DMCA takedown”

Updated: The original forum thread was deleted not long after I posted in there, but you can still see an archive of it here. I created a forum thread exposing this wanted cyber-terrorist to Vimeo here.

After successfully taking down a video that was uploaded with the misleading title of “Extremist Muslims call for tattooing of Non-Muslims in Malaysia” and without my permission on Vimeo, the wanted criminal by PDRM who goes by the anonymous handle of “shadowfox” has resurfaced. Now he is telling Vimeo all kinds of ridiculous stories about yours truly, when it is he who was responsible for twisting the contents of the said video by purposely making it to appear as though it is about the tattooing of non-Muslims.

The following is my reproduced reply to Vimeo in the said forum thread.

Dear Vimeo,

This anonymous troll, “shadowfox” is a wanted criminal (see attached police report). He has been re-uploading the aforesaid video and is obviously lying about the ownership of the said video, since the video is basically an interview conducted with me in it, located in the living room of my house, and was recorded using a device that was owned by me. Therefore, I have the right to file a DMCA request and claim full and sole ownership of the video in question.

This user is also lying about the contents of the video interview, since nowhere it was mentioned that I want non-Muslims in Malaysia to be tattooed, whether it is on their forehead or on their chests. The user “shadowfox” is not only a liar, but is also a sociopath and a narcissist. I have done nothing of the things he has accused me of doing.

I also affirm that as a citizen of the United States of America, any digital content produced by me should therefore be under the jurisdiction of the United States.


If my response in the said forum thread gets deleted, I will repost the above reply again and again until the Vimeo staff acknowledges it.


Did I just burst your bubble, /k/?

Yes, I was in the police lokap, as a guest of His Majesty’s Police Force. Yes, I am out again, thanks to the very special someone in my life.

But all that hell I went through served a useful purpose in the end, because I found out who the person responsible for my incarceration was. This was the name that I repeated every day and night while in the lokap, and it kept my mind sane and whole:

Yong Ming Hui

Polemics, Press

Aggrieved party gets LYN permaban

I don’t have enough middle fingers to express my feelings about this.


The issue is about today, in 2016. But see how they dragged this as an issue coming from 2006? What “flaming” did I engage in from 2006? As far as I recall, I registered in 2003, then I boycotted LYN until 2011, participated in the Harimau Malaya football thread, occasionally dropped in /k/ for the laughs and did not trigger anything until some people got butt-hurt over my questioning of a JD (which, in my view, was a tad racist) and created a thread for the sole purpose of demonising me. And you gave me a permaban after these crooks got away with it???

Wow. You people seriously need psychiatric help, that is all I can say.


Police report lodged against The Dastardly Five

Updated on 10/10/2016 4PM: Shit just turned real for The Dastardly Five. Unfortunately it cannot be six since that would mean a separate police report and I don’t want to waste any more time on this issue.


Next stop will be SKMM!

Updated on 9/10/2016 10AM: Three more idiots will be added to the police report on Monday, but most likely as an addendum, since I can’t be going around chasing more than six people.

Updated at 6PM: I will be adding rooney723 to my report so it is going to be six individuals now.

The police report says it all.



October 7, 2016
Police report to be lodged against lucifah and RaymondReddington

I have given ample warning not to repeat the lies that were spread by the trolls at Digital Point Forums all those years ago. Since these two particular clowns kept repeating the lie, I will carry out what I promised and will make the said police report against them tomorrow. I have the screenshots of their offending remarks about me.

General, Polemics

The cowardice of /k at LYN Forum

These trolls inhabiting LYN Forum are hillarious. They remind me of the pests who infest the RP section at Digital Point Forums. Whether they are Malaysian trolls or orang putih trolls, they share a common trait…they cannot argue coherently without dishing out ad hominem and then bringing your social media accounts, your websites or your personal information to the table. When you explain to these idiots that the so-called account belonging to yours truly is no longer accessible, is outdated and that it is no longer used, they then overwhelm you with hosting information which are nothing more than circumstantial, and reused polemical information from my old foes back in the day and from way back to 2006!

(I should remind these idiots that this is 2016….ten years has passed and what has been debunked before should remain debunked)

And then, when they can no longer argue any more, they bring in a third-party moderator (who happens to be their best buddy) to ban you.


This happened to me at DP Forums, and the same thing happened to me agan at LYN Forum. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I am going to take all this in stride and enjoy my “vacation”. I will see you again when October ends, LYN!


Siti Kasim is not only ugly, but stupid and utterly crass as well

Updated 10/10/2016: I’d say that she had it coming to her, just as what will be coming to The Dastardly Five is coming as well, lulz. And this is the type of person that they want to identify with? LMAO. It is of no wonder why they are so virulent in promoting that fitnah against me which was destroyed and buried many years ago.

It began with replying to an obscene gesture in public and people actually hailing this ugly person (even crossing a pug with a cow will have a prettier result) as a “heroine”, wow.


That short comment took an unexpected turn with this “reply” from Siti Kasim.


Obviously I did reply to that but sadly it was deleted. So I called out their hypocrisy openly.




Interesting that one short remark on her looks and behaviour can solicit such an array of replies, doesn’t it?



I decided to reply to her “not enough fingers” remark on my wall, because I was politely told not to do so in that thread. So I did post it on my wall, and look where that got me.


Pretty obvious that her macais reported the posts I made en masse to Facebook. Afraid, are you?

Out of respect of the person who privately messaged me to refrain from replying any further to her macais, I kept away from the particular thread. That hasn’t stopped her army of macais from overflowing the thread, with some even taking pot-shots at yours truly.



Hence this post serves as my response to any current and any future macai who think that they have “won” brownie points for anything. This is not even a contest….I am openly calling Siti Kasim — the murtadd atheist-lawyer (although she denies it, I have very strong reason to believe so) — ugly, stupid and crass, and I stand by that statement. Nothing has changed.

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Best Muslim homestay in Penang


Thank you for finding our article on Muslim homestay in Penang and we know that we can help you find what you are looking for. If you have found this article via a Google search, then you have likely typed then the following keywords, “Muslim Homestay in Penang” you have typed in these keywords because you’re looking for a homestay in Penang. If that is what you’re looking for we definitely have what you want. In this article, we would talk about our Muslim Homestay in Penang and why it is the best for you. We know that there are others available in this area but we are one of the best. We know that simply telling you that we are the best is not enough. We will also have to prove it to you somehow. We plan to do that in a very objective way based on universal attributes that a Muslim homestay should have. So, if you want an objective look at why we are the best homestay for you and how to choose any homestay, then this is the article for you because we would tell you all of the information that you need to know. After reading this article, you would know how to pick the perfect Muslim homestay for you and hopefully you will know that we are the right homestay for you.

What You Need In A Muslim Homestay In Penang

What do you really want in a Muslim homestay? The truth is that is something that varies from person to person. Everybody is looking for something a little bit different. We don’t all desired the same things but there are a few universal things that a Muslim homestay should have. The first thing it should have our people that are moral and who are good people. The homestay should be clean and inviting. You should feel safe and secure in the location. You should have a feeling that it is much like home. The people should be nice and you should make quick friends. Things should be handled professionally and there should be great customer service. Courtesy is very important and you should expect that. When you choose the right homestay, you will receive all of the things that we have mentioned above. These are things that any homestay that you consider should provide.

Find The Perfect Muslim Homestay In Penang

As you can now see, we have the perfect Muslim homestay in Penang and you really should not look at anyone beyond us. We meet all of the attributes that we explained above. You will definitely have an enjoyable time well here. You will be with the right people who are of high moral character. You will feel invited and like one of the family. These are the things that are very important when you are looking for a Muslim homestay in Penang. If you can find these things then it is not right for you and you should look elsewhere. But if you choose us you will have these things and you will be very happy and pleased with the choice that you have made. We have a very good reputation and we’ve been doing this for very long time and we are sure that you will have a great time with a Muslim homestay in Penang.